I know it's a bit late....Birthday Boy
Dark Queen

Sir Lancelot
Knight of Camelot

Santiago Cabrera
May 5, 1978


Birthday Boy
Dark Queen


Asa Butterfield - April 1, 1997


Dark Queen

I do believe that

                               Sir Leon.....

 .....and I             
have the same birthday.

January 20, 2012

Birthday Boy


Regent and Heir Apparent


Bradley James

October 11, 1983


Birthday Girl
Dark Queen



Witch, Heir Presumtive and Usurper


Katie McGrath

October, 1983



This Is Me?!
Dark Queen
You're Morgana!
You're Morgana!
Take What character from "Merlin" are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.

You have a strong sense of pride, and because you put on a brave front, people don't tend to realise when you've been hurt.

You are ambitious and prefer to plan carefully. You're probably someone who makes lists.

You enjoy having nice things around you. You are great at putting people at their ease and people naturally warm to you.

You have a great sense of style and colour and enjoy expressing that through clothes and interior design.

This was a surprise!  I thought I'd be Elena.  The description is very 'me' except for the interior design.  My apartment is a horror.  I'm a packrat.


Picspam: The Game of Thrones
Dark Queen

This is the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms.

Anyone can sit on the Iron Throne.

And many do, hoping to rule.


People like Jacqueline Litchtenstein.


And Jean Lorrah.


Even the entire Renovation Worldcon Committee.


Humph, like they stood a chance.

Poem: Ode to a Boozer


(with apologies to Lord Byron, whose ghost is coming after me with an axe)


He walks unsteadily, like a drunk

Yet selfless service and lofty rise;

And all that’s common of honor and light

Meet in his aspect and blood-shot eyes:

Thus mellowed to that blearier sight

Which king has tossed into dungeon applies.


One bottle the more, one wench the less,

Had greatly impaired his tipsy grace

Which heaves in every auburn tress,

Or roughly lightens over his reddened face;

Where thoughts naughtily rude express

How risqué, how debauched their dwelling place.


And on that cheek, and over that brow,

So sloshed, so unconscious, yet eloquent,

The smiles that win, the cheeks that glow,

And tell of days in drinking spent,

A mind out cold to all about

A heart whose love is frivolously sent.


Such is Gwaine.





RENOVATION, the 69th World SF Con, Reno, NV
Dark Queen
Renovation, the 69th  World Science Fiction Convention was held in Reno, Nevada, August 17 - 21.  The weather was clear & hot, but I didn't find it that humid.  It was also very dry because I kept getting chapped lips.  Some people were getting nose bleeds.

The Atlantis Hotel & Casino and the Peppermill Hotel & Casino were huge and confusing, but nice.  I was in the Peppermill.  Though I love playing Blackjack, I was a very good girl; I only played one evening and stopped after I'd lost $50.  I usually sit at a Blackjack table for hours.

The con itself was well attended and the convention space in the Reno-Sparks Convention Center was more than sufficient.  Most of the programming was here.  HBO had sent a replica of the Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones" for display.  Unfortunately, there was no Sean Bean to sit on it (so I could sit in his lap).  However, the attendees were allowed to sit on the Iron Throne and take pictures.  As a costumer, I didn't sit on the throne until I'd dressed for it.  I'm sure HBO got their throne back with a highly polished seat from all the tushes that sat in it.  George R. R. Martin was also there to speak and sign autographs.  I missed his talk because I was on another panel, and I didn't get an autograph because the line was incredibly long.

I was on two panels and I had the Merlin Meetup.  Three people showed up for the Meetup which pleased me no end, because I thought no one would show up.  I had prepared some questions for discussion (for the lulls in conversation) and a trivia contest based on the actors who have been on Merlin and on Doctor Who.  Interestingly, the three people all agreed that Arthur should find out about Merlin's magic by accident.

I was a Masquerade Judge for the first time at a Worldcon.  I've judged before at other conventions, but never a Worldcon.  It was not that different.  The other two judges and me could not decided between two entries for Best In Show, so we had two BIS winners - one BIS Original Costume and BIS Recreation Costume.

I had a fun time at Renovation, seeing old friends (some I hadn't seen in years), making new friends, and just hanging out.

I got home in time for the earthquake and Hurricane Irene.  I survived both.


Birthday Girl
Dark Queen

Once and Future Queen

Angel Coulby
August 30, 1980


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